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WELCOME TO HELL WORLD recommended by Eve 6 frontman Max Collins in the Washington Post

Tuesday, January 5th, 2021

“I’ve been following him for years. His newsletter “Welcome to Hell World” is punctuation-free for the most part, and I really like that aesthetic and style and attitude.”

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“Hits upon all the major works in the canon of Americanness” — WELCOME TO HELL WORLD reviewed by Protean

Tuesday, October 20th, 2020

The Canon of American Tragedy: Luke O’Neil’s Welcome to Hell World

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“O’Neil opens up a space to redirect the energies of anger and guilt away from ourselves and toward the systems of oppression.” — WELCOME TO HELL WORLD reviewed by Full Stop

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2020

Welcome to Hell World – Luke O’Neil

The result, if you really dig down to the very core of that what-the-fuck moment that happens again and again throughout the book, is not a sense of morbid delight or nihilistic surrender but rather a fragile, translucent shard of hope. It’s small and it’s tender and I certainly wouldn’t go digging around too hard just yet in the hope of holding it in your hands, but it’s there all the same. And at no time is this pathetic little scrap more apparent than in that brief moment when O’Neil lays out a story about baby jails or the Sackler family or fucking Amazon and it hits you, yes, this whole thing is unbelievable. You’re not weak or subpar or unfit for the game, it is being played under conditions objectively terrible and cruel. Moreover, the rules are designed to hide the fact, to pathologize the suffering as a failure of the individual. In acknowledging this, O’Neil opens up a space to redirect the energies of anger and guilt away from ourselves and toward the systems of oppression. Which is to say, O’Neil might have no answers here, but at least he’s figuring out what, and more importantly who, to ask.

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“A lot of times you have to censor yourself if you’re writing for a big outlet, you can’t literally just say ‘This is fucking terrible. These people are vampire ghouls and they deserve to die,’ you know?”—Luke O’Neil, author of WELCOME TO HELL WORLD, interviewed by The Alternative

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2020

Interview: Luke O’Neil Author of ‘Hell World’

“Luke O’Neil is one of my favorite writers and journalists. I guess that’s not a mainstream pick because he hasn’t written any famous novels or won any big journalism awards (yet), but he has gotten hate from the MAGA chuds because he wrote that people should piss in Republicans’ food in a major city’s newspaper, so I think that’s equivalent as far as I’m concerned.

Luke is a longtime writer about issues in social justice, criminal justice, financial inequality, and American war crimes. Occasionally his articles are featured in big outlets like (insert corporation #1) and (insert corporation #2), but more recently he has been writing a weekly newsletter called Welcome to Hell World which presents stories and research about the many different issues and injustices that make living in America in the 2020’s such a hellscape, and delivering it direct to his readers himself. Just a few months ago, he compiled the best of the first batch of newsletters into a truly touching and emotional read of a book, which is also hilarious in the dark humor sort of way that the title, Welcome To Hell World, illustrates.”

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“Thoughts on violence and death and life in this Hell World.”—Luke O’Neil, author of Welcome To Hell World, interviewed on This is Hell!

Tuesday, November 5th, 2019

An interview with Luke O’Neil

“This desire for a false sense of normalcy that drives so much of the media and so much of DC. You hear a lot about the day after 9/11 when we all ‘came together’ and I think a lot of these fu – sorry – a lot of these idiots actually long for that while ignoring all of the chaos and destruction and murder that came out of the feeling of us all being together. It’s a very dangerous thing when America is all on the same page.”

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