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“I thought, ‘Oh my God, we’re all going to be arrested.'” — TRUMP U. author Stephen Gilpin interviewed for the Washington Post

Monday, July 27th, 2020

Spin, deride, attack: How Trump’s handling of Trump University presaged his presidency

Stephen Gilpin was one of Trump University’s instructors. He recalled sitting in on another instructor’s class shortly after joining the school in 2007. It was nothing more than an up-sell, he said, laden with false promises.

“I thought, ‘Oh my God, we’re all going to be arrested,’ ” Gilpin said.

Now, he and others said, the Trump administration is trying a similar tactic again, by asking people to believe Trump’s rosy predictions about the pandemic — in the face of an increasingly grim reality.

“It’s the same thing he does today,” said Gilpin, who left the school in 2011. “His behavior has now become our norm.”

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STEPHEN GILPIN on the inside story of Trump University on The Torch

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2018

Stephen Gilpin Author of Trump U: The Inside Story of Trump University. The first insider account straight from Trump University, by one of its principal instructors. -Trump University, the infamous and elaborate scheme to con hundreds of earnest citizens out of their hard-earned dollars.

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“It was like a cheesy B movie” STEPHEN GILPIN on TRUMP U in Salon

Monday, June 11th, 2018

Of the many scandals swirling around Donald Trump prior to his surprise election as president in 2016, perhaps the most telling — if tragically underplayed by the mainstream media — was the legal drama around Trump University. Trump sold the alleged “school” as a place for aspiring entrepreneurs to gain the necessary skills to make money in real estate. But the lawsuits that followed paint a different picture.”

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“Hard-hitting” – TRUMP U reviewed in January Magazine

Tuesday, May 29th, 2018

That Trump is a con man for the ages is the clear conclusion made in Trump U: The Inside Story of Trump University (OR Books). This insider’s exposé was written by Stephen Gilpen, a former employee of the now-defunct, unaccredited Trump University, who is described on the book’s back cover as “a self-taught expert at leveraging properties.” Before he hired on with the Trump Organization’s 2005-2010 foray into pedagogical profiteering, Gilpen had run a mortgage business and had made good money flipping real estate. He writes in Trump U that he thought it was possible to do good things for communities while buying and selling properties.

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STEPHEN GILPIN gives the inside story on TRUMP U at the Regional News Network

Thursday, May 24th, 2018

RFL Host Richard French speaks with Stephen Gilpin, author of the new book “Trump U, The Inside Story.”

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“Every morning I wake up and think Mueller, go question him, get him under oath” – STEPHEN GILPIN author of TRUMP U in Business Insider

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018

A former Trump University professor says he wakes up every morning with one wish — that special counsel Robert Mueller will interview President Donald Trump.

“Mueller, please, just question him,” Stephen Gilpin, a former Trump University instructor, told Business Insider in a recent interview while promoting his book “Trump U: The Inside Story of Trump University.” “That’s all I ask for. Every morning I wake up and think, ‘Mueller, go question him, get him under oath.’ … He doesn’t know what reality is. That’s how I look at him now. And I was a great admirer of him.”

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What Trump University Was Really Like – STEPHEN GILPIN in Business Insider

Wednesday, April 18th, 2018

Stephen Gilpin, former Trump University professor and author of “Trump U: The Inside Story of Trump University,” explains what it was like to work at the for-profit real estate training program before it went defunct amidst class action lawsuits and allegations of fraud.

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Author STEPHEN GILPIN discusses TRUMP U. on the Dean Obeidallah show on Sirius XM

Wednesday, April 11th, 2018

STEPHEN GILPIN author of TRUMP U. gives the inside story on Donald Trump’s University at the Majority Report

Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

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Stephen Gilpin on the inside story of TRUMP U. at Money Matters Radio

Monday, March 19th, 2018

While the President of the United States seems to be able to shock with each new tweet, and no depth seems too low for him to sink to, we’ve yet to hear from someone who was at the heart of one of his signature outrages–Trump University, the infamous and elaborate scheme to con hundreds of earnest citizens out of their hard-earned dollars. Until now.

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TRUMP U. is excerpted at Truthdig

Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

One day, I was on a podcast taking place in the Trump University offices on the thirty-second floor of 40 Wall Street. Donald Trump was participating from another office. We were talking about the real estate market, and whether it was a fire sale right now. I was panicking a little about my job, looking at the market. Trump said, “Steve, first off look where you’re at, and look who you’re with. If the real estate market is a fire sale, I’m sitting right next to you, who do you think they’re getting first?” Coincidentally, the building actually caught on fire that day. So we had to stop the podcast and get out of the building by climbing down thirty-two flights of stairs.

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“A cabal of charlatans”: The Real Deal reviews TRUMP U.

Wednesday, February 14th, 2018

When self-described real estate expert Stephen Gilpin first arrived in Manhattan, he was a Quaalude-popping blue jeans model. To make ends meet, he attended house parties of the wealthy, a handsome face for hire. It was dull work, and to distract himself Gilpin would contemplate the makings of the grand homes of his hosts. It was then, sometime in the 1990s, that Gilpin visited Trump Tower, where he was dazzled by “the sixty-foot high waterfall.”

“What an impressive place!” he writes. “I could feel the power and smell of money.”

Gilpin’s first book, “Trump U: The Inside Story of Trump University” is a chronicle of how one man went from posing for Levi Strauss to proselytizing for property at Trump University, the for-profit education venture launched in 2005 by Donald Trump. The book is Gilpin’s attempt to restore a reputation sullied by years of allegations about fraudulent practices at the business. But it’s also an indictment of one of the president’s most prominent ventures, one that was shut down after just five years, led to a $25 million settlement and continues to shape his public image.

Read the full review at The Real Deal.

STEPHEN GILPIN appears on Rising Up With Sonali

Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

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Friday, January 12th, 2018

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