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Mischief+Mayhem cause a stir at Barnes & Noble, get featured in the New York Times

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Grandstanding isn’t what it used to be, not in our media-saturated age. On Tuesday night, the author, blogger and critic Dale Peck threw a mildly revolutionary literary event, outside the Barnes & Noble in Union Square. About two dozen people, nearly a quarter of them reporters or photographers, came to hear a speech by Mr. Peck, a founder of the publishing collective Mischief and Mayhem and a known rabble-rouser, and a reading by Lisa Dierbeck, another Mischief and Mayhem founder and one of its writers.


A thoughtful review of THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF JENNY X appears in the New York Observer

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

The deceived lover is always a detective. Once you suspect your partner has been unfaithful, everything becomes evidence of her infidelity: when she arrives home, what she wears, even the way she washes dishes. Suspicion charges and changes formerly prosaic objects and gestures; the ephemeral trash of our daily existence takes on true weight. And because anything could be the thing that tells the truth—the hard piece of the world that transforms idea into fact—everything is worthy of attention. But doubt and distrust provide certain pleasures, ones that are as powerful as they are perverse. These satisfactions are the reason we remain so long with the people who betray us: Under investigation, our dull, daily routines become, for once, the stuff of intrigue. We are, at last, alive to our own lives.

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Mischief+Mayhem’s partnership with OR Books, starting with the launch of Lisa Dierbeck’s THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF JENNY X: A NOVEL, is featured in the New York Observer.

Friday, September 10th, 2010

“I think that we recognize that we’re way past the moment of panic,” said the novelist DW Gibson yesterday. “And it now sort of feels like a land of opportunity.”

Mr. Gibson was explaining why he and four of his friends— Choire Sicha of the Awl and fellow novelists Dale Peck, Lisa Dierbeck, and Joshua Furst— have decided to get into the book business.

“We’re a publishing collective,” Mr. Gibson said. “The motivation is to reinstall a notion of editorial process that’s all but vanished from the traditional corporate structure of publishing that’s out there now.”

(Read more in the New York Observer)

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