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“To be contributing to writing, contributing to language — I consider those to be political acts.” – KAREN FINLEY interviewed in The Villager

Friday, November 9th, 2018

At 62 years old, artistic provocateur Karen Finley has worn many outfits over her storied lifetime. Most recently she’s donned a red Make America Great Again baseball cap, as well as a frumpy, untailored blue suit, a billowy blue cotton dress with a headscarf, and a white power suit topped with a blond wig, variously impersonating Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Monica Lewinsky’s blue dress.

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“We have a history within our families, our country, about resistance, and we know what to do.” – read an interview with KAREN FINLEY in Paper

Thursday, November 1st, 2018

No one knows provocative quite like Karen Finley. The artist’s politically charged writing and performances have brought her both admiration and notoriety since the early 1980s. Her ninth and most recent book, Grabbing Pussy, is an outrage-driven, anger-filled, yet often satirical examination of the psychosexual obsessions of men in power. Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner, Harvey Weinstein and, of course, President Donald Trump all get the Finley treatment.

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“Her cleverly obscene provocations are not attention-hungry and sensational—they are a tool to convey the vulgarity of our political environment.”- GRABBING PUSSY, the stage show, reviewed in Brooklyn Rail

Thursday, October 11th, 2018

Where is Yams Up My Grannie’s Ass? When Maggie Nelson mentioned Karen Finley’s 1986 performance piece in Art of Cruelty, I plunged into internet research. Yams is nowhere on Google. As a millennial, it has taken a while for me to realize that not everything is compatible and available in digital format, particularly performance art. When I saw Finley on ISSUE Project Room’s calendar, I pushed the keyboard aside, eager to witness the salaciousness off-screen.

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“Reading the collection is akin to diving headfirst into a freezing body of water; one emerges refreshed, invigorated, and slightly shaken: brace yourself.” – GRABBING PUSSY reviewed in Vanity Fair

Friday, September 21st, 2018

In Grabbing Pussy (OR Books), performance artist and professor Karen Finley achieves the unthinkable: out of America’s unstoppable news cycle and its disturbing undercurrents of psychosexually charged politics, she forges poetry with a punk sensibility (plus, a dash of unfiltered raunchiness, in keeping with the times), skewering Donald Trump, the Clintons, Harvey Weinstein, and Anthony Weiner in the process.

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“Finley finds her ultimate target in the current president. Unsparing diatribes serving as an implicit rebuttal of the ‘kill ’em with kindness’ approach.” – GRABBING PUSSY reviewed at Kirkus

Wednesday, September 12th, 2018

The controversial performance artist and social commentator indulges in a Trump-bashing frenzy.

Finley (The Reality Shows, 2011, etc.) finds her ultimate target in the current president. This amalgam of creative prose and freestyle poetry floods vitriol on the words and actions of Trump. Like in some of her previous works—e.g. George and Martha, her burlesque of a love affair between George Bush and Martha Stewart—the author attempts to transmogrify a bottomless liberal rage into moving, provocative, and occasionally hilarious art..

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“Finley’s words have a sharp, rhythmic pulse that sparks off the page.” – GRABBING PUSSY reviewed in Broadway World

Monday, August 6th, 2018

One of the most exciting and important voices to emerge from the 1980s-90s American performance art movement, Karen Finley might be regarded as one of the country’s most noted censored artists.

As one of the four 1990 NEA grant recipients whose funding was revoked at the insistence of a faction led by North Carolina Senator Jesse Helms – whose description of her performance piece “We Keep Our Victims Ready” reduced it to the action of a naked Finley smearing chocolate sauce over her body, ignoring the literary content of her monologue about smothering patriarchy the symbolic gesture was a part of – Finley’s name will forever be associated with a United States Supreme Court case that not only prompted discussions of the definition of art, but of the definition of decency.

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KAREN FINLEY on her new book, GRABBING PUSSY at Cat Radio Cafe

Thursday, August 2nd, 2018

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“Always thought provoking… She makes connections and observations that are truly astounding.” Star Maker Machine on KAREN FINLEY

Wednesday, July 25th, 2018

A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I went to see Karen Finley’s show, Grabbing Pussy (based on her new book, coincidentally published by a company partially owned by a friend). If you have never seen Karen, one of the most famous performance artists ever, you really should. Her shows, which focus on political and social issues, are always thought provoking. She makes connections and observations that are truly astounding. Watching her shows is like trying to drink from a fire hose–her words and ideas come at you in torrents, you can’t take it all in, but what you are able to digest is pretty incredible.

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“Grabbing Pussy delivers on its promise, as both incisive political commentary and explosive, emotional, acerbic, gymnastic prose poetry.” GRABBING PUSSY reviewed in LA Weekly

Tuesday, July 24th, 2018

This may sound weird but you kind of need to read this book out loud.

Karen Finley, its author, is of course most famous as a mesmerizingly boundary-smashing performance artist; throughout her written body of work, the purring and percussive performative voice remains very much in evidence even on the page. All the more so in this case because the contents of Grabbing Pussy are essentially the libretto from Finley’s 2017 stage work, the multi-act one-woman political mad scene Unicorn Gratitude Mystery.

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“An impressive collection… becoming subtler and more nuanced with repeated reading.” GRABBING PUSSY reviewed in Tears in the Fence

Friday, June 15th, 2018

Performance Artist and poet, Karen Finley, creates for an adult audience and speaks up for those that are silenced or victimised. Her latest book, Grabbing Pussy, based on a performance piece, Unicorn Gratitude Mystery, combines Language and Beat poetry in a bravura display employing the deeply limited and limiting sexual vocabulary of recent American political discourse.

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