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Celebrate INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY with complimentary e-books from our great women writers: explore WOMEN OF RESISTANCE, EILEEN MYLES, LEAN OUT, MEDEA BENJAMIN, and many more

Thursday, March 8th, 2018

What does International Women’s Day mean in 2018?

In the days of #TimesUp, #MeToo, and #HereWeAre, centering the experiences and elevating the voices of women has never been a more urgent or vital task. To celebrate the diversity and complexity of women writers; to acknowledge the recent sea change in the long struggle against patriarchy; and to proliferate the contributions of women to our current cultural moment—from journalists working in conflict zones to avant-garde performers and poet-activists, from Silicon Valley entrepreneurs to cultural critics—OR Books is offering a free download of any e-book from one of our many great women writers and editors using coupon code SMASHTHEPATRIARCHY. Simply enter the code on the last page of checkout.*

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