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“Like a con man who can lift a wallet in the middle of a melee, Trump thrived amid the chaos” —MATT TAIBBI, author of HATE INC. on Russiagate and Trump’s weaponizing of disarrayed media in Rolling Stone

Friday, April 5th, 2019

MATT TAIBBI discusses how inadequate and inappropriate media coverage lead to Trump’s election, a primary subject in his upcoming book Hate Inc.

If Trump insulted an innocent person like Times reporter Serge Kovaleski, who is disabled, his goal wasn’t to try to win a popularity contest. He was after the thing that always came next: the endless “scornful rebukes” from press and celebrities. These rituals always went on just a bit too long, to the point where it was clear both Trump and the media were milking the incidents for publicity.

Trump would push right up until he caught the press having too much fun with something outrageous he’d done (the Washington Post running “Donald Trump’s ‘Schlonged’: A linguistic investigation” was an infamous example), at which point he’d declare victory and move on to the next outrage.

The subtext was always:I may be crude, but these people are phonies, pretending to be upset when they’re making money off my bullshit.

I thought this was all nuts and couldn’t believe it was happening in a real presidential campaign. But, a job is a job.

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