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“What if I got heckled off the stage? I never thought to imagine what would happen if they laughed.”—Amy Sohn, author of CBD!, writes about stand-up for The New York Times

Monday, December 2nd, 2019

How I Found Myself in Mrs. Maisel’s Shoes

Last summer, the day my husband drove my daughter to sleepaway camp, I moved into my parents’ apartment building. Neighbors who had known me since childhood saw me in the elevator and asked what I was doing there. “House-sitting,” I said. In truth I was getting divorced, and crashing to save money until I found a new place for my daughter, 14, and me. When I told friends my situation, they said, “You’re the real-life Mrs. Maisel.” Minus the costuming and time period, there were striking similarities: difficult split, close Jewish family, prying neighbors.

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