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Sam Lipsyte enthuses about COLLECTED FICTIONS by Gordon Lish in the latest issue of Bookforum

Friday, November 19th, 2010

On page 4 of the current (Dec/Jan) Bookforum, under the heading “Pub Dates: 2010: A Year of Reading” is a feature where they ask their “favorite [authors] to tell us what they liked reading this year.”

Here’s an excerpt from the entry by Sam Lipsyte, acclaimed author of The Ask (FSG):

“Collected Fictions by Gordon Lish. His enormous importance, as an editor and teacher, to the story of twentieth-century American fiction is now, finally, not in dispute. But I guess some more people will have to die before there can be a full reckoning with the power of these pieces.”

A rave review for Eileen Myles‘ novel INFERNO in the current Bookforum

Friday, September 17th, 2010

“It’s a novel in the way Elizabeth Hardwick’s Sleepless Nights and Renata Adler’s Speedboat are–that is to say, on its own terms. With Inferno, Myles has written…a meditation on hatching a writing life. …The book, in other words, is packed. Throughout, Myles moves smoothly between her numerous themes: discovery, emergence, memory, and, most important, the lurching ambition to have a life of the mind and the body.”


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