My Turn Tote Bag

“I want one.” —Katha Pollitt, The Nation

This high-quality, hard-wearing tote features original art by Sarah Sole. Printed via thermal transfer and silkscreen on natural, 100% 10 oz. cotton canvas. Reverse side sports the OR logo in black.
Measurements: 14″w x 10.5″h x 5″d

Part of the My Turn Collection

my turn tote bag reverse



Tote: $20/£13      



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About the Book

Hillary Clinton is running for the presidency with a message of hope and change. But, as Doug Henwood makes clear in this concise, devastating indictment, little trust can be placed in her campaign promises. Rigorously reviewing her record, Henwood shows how Clinton’s positions on key issues have always blown with the breeze of expediency, though generally around an axis of moralism and hawkishness. Without a meaningful program other than a broad fealty to the status quo, Henwood suggests, “the case for Hillary boils down to this: she has experience, she’s a woman, and it’s her turn.” More

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