Color Me Drone Warfare!


Edited by BOB PARIS

"America’s #1 coloring book about drone warfare!"

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About the Book

This darkly satirical coloring book presents an unusual invitation: get out your crayons and paintbrushes and add color to biting images featuring America’s preferred machinery of war: the drone. In these pages, you can set to work on coloring pictures of brilliant drone inventors, cutting-edge drone factories, patriotic drone companies, thankful drone victims, noble generals, brave politicians, budding drone pilots, and much more!

The American drone war experiment is a heroic enterprise in fighting evil. Its leaders freely and secretly target for assassination shadowy forces around the globe, all without the slightest danger to its pilots or inconvenience to its citizens. The only challenge is how a patriotic American can feel more involved in the glory of these unseen wars. Our answer—coloring!

Color Me Drone Warfare! is a work of the Cluster Project, an artist collaborative that produces multimedia art works exploring the universe of contemporary warfare.

40 pages • Paperback ISBN 978-0-997781-70-0

About the Author

jeff lassahn author photo

Based in Chicago, Jeff Lassahn is an artist whose work focuses on themes including war, social inequality, global economy, weapons production, police violence, politics, and history.

He is the Associate Director of The Cluster Project. His animations and videos featured on that site have been viewed by a wide international audiences, and have screened at film festivals in the United States, Serbia, England, Egypt, and Qatar.

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