“When it comes to supporting activists in using arts and culture more effectively and strategically, there’s much work to be done. That’s why I was excited to see the release of another important resource last year: ‘The Art of Activism: Your All-purpose Guide to Making the Impossible Possible’ — a new book from our compatriots Steve Duncombe and Steve Lambert, founders of the Center for Artistic Activism.

From chapters on developing your own artistic process to the critical role of persuasion, the Steves (as they are often called) make the case that art needs activism and activism needs art. As a longtime ‘hard core’ activist/artist myself, that’s an argument I can get fully behind. However, ‘The Art of Activism,’ which includes an accompanying workbook for developing your own creative actions, is not for the faint of heart. The Steves are both college professors, and it shows — in that the book/workbook could be the basis for an intensive college course…

You and your campaign will benefit greatly from investing in ‘The Art of Activism’ package. Thanks to the Steves, you’ll graduate with a solid handle on the process, principles, history and practice of artistic activism and how this can move us towards a better (utopian!) future.”

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