“The Radical Book Collective (RBC) is an initiative founded by Bhakti Shringarpure, Editor-in-Chief of Warscapes magazine, and Suchitra Vijayan author of Midnight’s Borders. As stated on the website, the project ‘responds to the need for an alternative, inclusive and non-commercial approach to books and reading.’

The profit-driven model of mainstream literary culture and big publishing, which favors award-winning books and bestsellers, has excluded books that, despite having considerable merit, are different. Some of these books are ‘unapologetically political.’ Others explore unfamiliar worlds and experiences. The Radical Books Collective creates the space for readers to experience the irreverence of engaging with these kinds of books that break the mold. Every month, ‘publishers, bookstores, authors, booklovers and bookworms everywhere’ meet to talk about a recently published ‘radical book.’ These meetings often includes a chat with the author.

Anyone can join the book club for a nominal fee. Follow this link for more information.

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