“Student-loan debt is an enormous, damaging problem in the U.S. The data is staggering: 40 million people are in the hole for $1.6 trillion. Loans are so massive and incongruous with what college graduates actually make that repayment plans stretch into adulthood and beyond. Three million senior citizens are still paying them off. Student-loan debt follows people through life, making it hard for them to buy homes and cars and to start businesses. For people of color, it has helped contribute to the racial wealth gap by keeping families from holding on to their money. Joe Biden knows this. He campaigned on canceling “at least” $10,000 worth of debt for borrowers as soon as he got into office, and on canceling debt totally for borrowers at historic Black colleges and universities — but now that he is actually in the executive seat, Biden is dashing hopes that he will enact the policies that will truly fix the issue.”

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