On Monday, Anderson also tweeted the link to an online event launching a book of portraits [WE ARE MILLIONS] of Assange supporters around the world, which her photos seemed to be tied to.

The book is part of the Courage Foundation’s #WeAreMillions arts project showing global support for Assange’s fight against extradition.

“#WeAreMillions features striking black-and-white images of supporters holding signs that express simply and clearly why they are standing up for Assange,” the book’s webpage states.

The images “aim to convey the breadth of recognition that Assange’s persecution represents a threat to journalistic freedom and whistle-blowing everywhere,” it states.

According to the book’s webpage, “the Trump administration wants to prosecute Assange for publishing US government documents in 2010 that exposed war crimes, previously uncounted civilian casualties, and human rights abuses.”

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