Just in time to assess the 2020 elections and our ongoing work in the face of virulent white nationalism, this intergenerational panel will discuss the influential work of David R. Roediger, historian of whiteness and former president of the American Studies Association. Panelists from a diversity of scholarly and personal backgrounds will reflect on how they were influenced by Roediger and how his writings can help us sort through the intersectional problems of race, class, gender, and Indigeneity in this pivotal moment. As control of the White House shifts, Roediger’s latest book reminds us that majoritarian appeals to save “The Sinking Middle Class”—that blithely seek to win allegiance from disaffected whites—continuously fail to grapple with the problems of neoliberalism and white supremacy at the core of U.S. society.

November 13, 4:00 to 6:00pm (Eastern Time), 3-5pm (Central), 2-4pm (Mountain), 1-3pm (Pacific)

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