ANDY HEDGECOCK recommends a forensic examination of the ICC’s response to Israel’s attack on an aid convoy to Gaza in 2010

I ACCUSE is a demanding read, in every sense. Its indictment of the behaviour of Israel and the International Criminal Court is detailed and dense.Norman Finkelstein’s book concerns a specific incident in 2010 when the Mavi Marmara, flagship of a humanitarian flotilla carrying supplies to Gaza, was attacked by Israeli commandos.

Nine people were killed, one later died from his injuries, scores were injured and many more assaulted. The proof presented, textual and photographic, is harrowing. Half the book is taken up by evidential appendices and the explanatory notes are at a point size requiring the use of a magnifying glass.

These are observations, not complaints. Finkelstein’s assessment of a violent action by Israeli armed forces brims with controlled anger but is informed by meticulous analysis.

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