The Trials Julian Assange

Whistle-blowing, truth-telling journalist and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange now sits in solitary confinement in London‘s infamous Belmarsh prison. The Trump administration has asked that he be extradited to Virginia for trial as a spy.

The just-published book In Defense of Julian Assange demonstrates convincingly that what is at stake in his upcoming trial is the future of free journalism, here and abroad. It is edited by British socialist scholar and writer Tariq Ali and civil rights attorney Margaret Kunstler.

Assange is an Australian citizen. He never set foot in the United States. He never published untruthful materials. Yet the Trump administration wants to reach across the ocean, have him extradited to the United States, try him and put him in solitary in a maximum-security prison for the rest of his life. If the government can get away with this, it will have established a precedent that could lead to the destruction of free journalism. It is the most significant challenge to a free press in our lifetimes.

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