Labor Party’s Jeremy Corbyn For British Prime Minister: Analysis

Next month and December 12 Great Britain will hold national elections. Jeremy Corbyn, a social Democrat similar in some respects to Bernie Sanders heads the British Labor Party. He has said “I will be a very different kind of Prime Minister, not the kind of Prime Minister who believes he was born to rule.“

Working people in Great Britain are struggling like they are in the United States. The Labor Party has addressed what to do about their situation. It has grown qualitatively in recent years and has a chance of winning the election. What the Labor Party stand for and what has their leader Jeremy Corbyn done to prepare for taking power is what will be discussed.

Guest – Colin Robinson, longtime member of the Labor Party. Originally from Liverpool, he was educated in London where he was an active socialist. He moved to New York 30 years ago to work as a publisher. He splits his time between New York City and London. Robinson has written for The Guardian newspaper and the London review of books. He is the co-owner of OR Books with offices in New York City, London, and Calcutta..

Listen to the full show here.

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