A positive notice in the EVENING STANDARD for PEOPLE GET READY

Key figures on Labour’s front bench are using the radical book People Get Ready! as a “manual for power” and a “blueprint for what to do if they win power”, The Londoner understands.

The book, written by Left-wing theorists Christine Berry and Joe Guinan, who are close to McDonnell, was published in May. Subtitled “Preparing for a Corbyn government”, it draws on the examples set by historic Labour victories and figures as a model for how to successfully lead a modern Left-wing movement. The book admits that the start of a Corbyn government will be turbulent, involving “capital flight, investment strikes, foreign exchange crises, trade retaliation — all are possible, whether as market reactions or deliberately administered punishment beatings”. It also characterises the City as a nemesis. “To begin with, we should know our enemy… From our vantage point, there is an obvious candidate — the City of London.” People Get Ready! calls for the “UK’s big banks [to be brought] into full democratic ownership” and “the development of a siege economy”.

In recent months McDonnell has been on a slick PR offensive in the City, convincing CEOs that a Corbyn government would not be a disaster. But party sources tell The Londoner that he is promoting the book in Labour circles.

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