Bob Garfield and Eli Valley, author of DIASPORA BOY, discuss antisemitism in media and modern society during an interview for On the Media

BOB GARFIELD: And the other thing about you is that you’re really, really an angry dude.

ELI VALLEY: I’m increasingly angry because, well, I mean just look outside. You know, there are reasons to be angry. You know, if you’re not angry, you’re not, you’re not awake right now.

GARFIELD: So as this anti-Semitism flame war has unfolded since the Pittsburgh shooting last year, you’ve been drawing cartoons caricaturing various political commentators–maybe chief among them Meghan McCain of “The View”. And haha, can you describe your first depiction of Meghan McCain because it’s equally horrifying and hilarious.

VALLEY: Thank you. It’s just Meghan McCain. It’s a satire of her appropriation of Jewish kitsch and Jewish trauma when she said on “The View” and then repeated elsewhere.

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