Over the past ten weeks, tens of thousands of Palestinians in Gaza have participated in the “March of Return”, mass nonviolent demonstrations to protest Israel’s illegal siege. Throughout, Israel has responded with violent force.

As of the 7th of June, Israeli forces had killed more than 110 Palestinians in the course of the protests, including 14 children, and injured more than 3,700 with live ammunition. In order to brutalise the people of Gaza into submission while minimising the international criticism that accompanies lethal force, Israeli snipers deployed along Gaza’s perimeter fence methodically shot the legs of Palestinian demonstrators. “The aim”, reports the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz, was “to leave as many young people as possible with permanent disabilities”. To this end, the snipers used expanding bullets that “pulverised” bones and left exit wounds the size of a fist. According to the Secretary-General of UNRWA, the United Nations agency providing education and healthcare for refugees in Gaza, “many” of those shot will suffer “life-long disabilities”. Mission accomplished..”

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