In discussing what it regards as a broader pattern of misconduct, the report also details Raicovich’s role as co-editor of Assuming Boycott: Resistance, Agency, and Cultural Production (OR Books, 2017), a volume which collects articles discussing the intersection between art and global boycotts. The document claims that Raicovich did not alert the museum board to her involvement in the book’s production. The investigation alleges that many of the essays in Assuming Boycott support the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement, which it says ‘overtly targets the State of Israel’. The report also says that Raicovich paid one of her fellow co-editors using museum funds. John Oakes, co-publisher of OR Books (and in-house editor of Assuming Boycott) told frieze: ‘that the book has emerged as ‘evidence’ against Raicovich emphasizes how the forces of reaction are flummoxed by something they can’t jail, wall off, or otherwise eliminate by decree. Cultural boycott has proven its worth as a powerful tool for peaceful, thoughtful activists, and it looks to remain such for years to come.’

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