Lauria focuses on key issues that drove the electorate toward Trump, and were downplayed or ignored by the Clinton campaign. We discuss her hawkish approach to Syria and Libya, her effort to respond to Sanders by “moving left” on TPP, minimum wage and other issues and the resulting perception that Clinton had no core values.

We talk about Syria, and the predictions of the 2012 report from Defense Intelligence Agency that an “Islamic state” would form in Syria and Iraq. Clinton was not honest about the real nature of the Syrian war and the role of nominal allies like Qatar and Saudi Arabia in the conflict.

We discuss the “basket of deplorables” speech, and some direct quotes from the transcripts of her speeches to Goldman Sachs–which she fought so hard to keep under wraps. We talk about the appearance of conflict of interest in Huma Abedin’s triple play: she was on the payroll of the State Department, the Clinton Foundation, and foundation president Doug Band’s separate lobbying operation. We also touch on Sid Blumenthal who was on the foundation payroll as he lobbied Hillary for a deal for Joe Wilson’s client, resulting in over $60 million in State Dept. funds used to construct a power plant in Tanzania.

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