The second face-off between the two major party candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on Sunday night has pushed the election in favor of the Democrat. Both candidates were the targets of embarrassing revelations on the eve of the Town Hall-style debate, with the Wikileaks release of emails from Clinton’s campaign referring to her paid speeches on Wall Street, and a Washington Post exposé of Trump’s conversation with TV host Billy Bush from a decade ago referring to his habit of kissing, grabbing, and assaulting women when he felt like it. But Trump’s revelations hit far harder than Clinton’s.

With less than a month before the election, we turn today to the author of a new book about Trump. In Trump Unveiled: Exposing the Bigoted Billionaire, author John K. Wilson turns each aspect of the candidate’s persona into a chapter, such as “Trump the Narcissist,” “Lying Trump,” “Bankrupt Trump,” “Racist Trump,” and “Sexist Trump.”

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