“Journalist Paul Mason discusses capitalism, Middle East correspondent Patrick Cockburn explores ISIS, and Laura asks what’s missing from the LGBT Pride celebrations. A new way of living is in the process of formation. Capitalism as we know it has reached the limits of its ability to adapt. A networked Alternative is already in the works- You can see it in the cooperative businesses on the rise and the tough time traditional parties are having keeping old hierarchies in place. There’s no more exciting or important story to report on – says Paul Mason economics editor at Channel Four News in the UK. Paul joined us often from the frontlines of the anti–austerity rebellions in Europe and the Middle East after the financial crash of 2008. Now he’s out with a new book: Postcapitalism: A guide to our future. Also in this episode: ISIS has been sustaining defeats across Iraq and Syria in recent months, but that doesn’t mean that peace is looming. In part that’s because the Middle East’s wars are as much about politics as about military prowess. Long time Middle East correspondent Patrick Cockburn, author of a new book Chaos and Caliphate, Jihadis and the West in the Struggle for the Middle East discusses the latest news on ISIS.”

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