Leonard Lopate: Many bad doctors have been responsible for deaths or serious injuries of more than one patient. How do they avoid prosecution? Why are they allowed to continue practicing?

James Lieber: Many states have very lax licensing controls. So a doctor can screw up in Colorado, and go to Utah, or Arizona or Hawaii. That’s what has happened.

Leonard Lopate: They don’t ask the previous place of employment what happened, why the doctor left?

James Lieber: Well there are some reform laws, including one in Colorado, after this young man, Michael Skolnik, went to a neurosurgeon who did an unnecessary brain surgery, which completely retarded him, ruined his endocrine system. He had a horrible final year of life. Turned out that doctor had not been candid about his background. Colorado implemented a law that now makes physicians and many healthcare providers be candid about their backgrounds and any problems they have had or they can’t get license in Colorado.

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