RD: For parents out there who are part of movement work, what do you hope this book will offer?

FB: Perspective. I think we try to do it all. I know I try– even now (and even after having written this book). It is hard to slow down, hard to take a back seat for a while, hard not to worry that if you leave the driver’s seat, you’ll never get back there. The message of the book is: it is okay to let parenting be your main job for a little while. And then I struggle with that alot even though my hand’s are completely full with two little kids and an 8 year old step-daughter, and you can see that throughout the book (and in the second part of my answer below).

The kid’s are alright. Parents who are activists worry that their commitments will mess their kids up. Parents who are activists are told (often very explicitly) that their commitments to other peoples’ kids will mess up their kids… My experience having super-committed parents says otherwise. Kids respect parents who do more than just live for their kids (and the weekend).

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