And in October, OR Books in New York is to publish “Blood Splatters Quickly,” a collection of more than 30 short stories written by Wood, sometimes under the pseudonym Ann Gora, that appeared in 1970s girlie magazines like Gallery.

Wood’s erotic films “are rough and tumble and ugly, and if you can accept them on that level, then good or bad stops being a question,” said Andrew Lampert, Anthology’s curator of collections.

Wood wrestled with notions of dual sexuality in his personal life. A fan of Buck Jones westerns and a decorated Marine who fought in World War II, he was also a cross-dresser with a lifelong fondness for pink angora sweaters…

“These are contradictions I don’t think you ever quite resolve,” said John Oakes, the co-publisher of OR Books. “He deserves credit as an extraordinary original who set his own standards.”

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