In his new book Technocreep, Keenan goes into great detail covering the many varieties of creepiness related to our growing and unsettling intimacy with technology. He says his “book is about the unseen ways in which technology is already changing our lives.” He provides countless startling examples from areas ranging from sensor creep to biological creep to intelligence creep to bolster his thesis that humans are quickly reaching a point –the so-called Singularity – wherein humans and machines will no longer function side-by-side but merge finally, with unknown consequences for our species.

His basic premise here is, to simplify, that computing power has grown so exponentially that no one human can any longer understand its processes and that in the near-future the only way to keep up with machines is by partially merging with them – i.e., voluntarily cyborging ourselves.

Read the full article on the Prague Post.

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