Gone are the days of well crafted letters that arrive in the post box. For me, the mail usually brings bills/parking tickets. Yesterday, I received a parcel in the post. I love getting parcels. The parcel was Mike Marqusee’s new book: The Price of Experience:Writings on Living with Cancer.

I have blogged about Mike before. He is a well known author, a native New Yorker, now living and working in London. Multiple myeloma was diagnosed in 2007. Up until then, most of his writing covered sport, culture and politics. He didn’t start writing about his illness until 2 years after his diagnosis. His latest book is a collection of his articles describing his life with cancer: the language used to talk about cancer, the politics of the health service and the drug companies as well as more intimate glimpses into some of his own thoughts.

Read the full piece at Dr. Jenny Edge’s blog.

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