Her glitzy, diva’ish concert performance wouldn’t be out of place at that shrine of campy over-the-top-pop Eurovision. Songbird Valeriya Perfilova is one of Russia’s favourite entertainers and with three children she’s become a high profile symbol of motherhood and motherland. She’s also one of the more visible supporters of a Russian law criminalising the so-called ‘promotion of homosexuality’.

‘I think it’s our duty to protect our children from any kind of sexual propaganda. A person’s private life has to be behind their doors. Why should I know who, who does this or that. I think it’s not decent to speak about it.’ VALERIYA PERFILOVA, Entertainer

Masha Gessen is also a mother of three but she she believes the open and vague wording of the homosexual propaganda law means she could be marched off the jail at any time. That’s because she’s a lesbian, raising her children with her partner and that could be interpreted as flouting that law.

‘Theoretically it’s possible to start hauling us into the police station today, several times a day for instances of violation.’ MASHA GESSEN, Writer

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