Ever one to buck tradition, NYC’s irreverent Reverend Billy, aka Bill Talon begins his published treatise on global warming with a chapter entitled ‘Happy Endings.’ Rev., who’s in all ways, an exception to rules, famously, ones destined to destroy man’s environment, describes himself here as, ‘a modern man stumbling towards what the old cultures always knew,’ aka staying attuned with Mother Nature.

We Westerners are up to our eyeballs in voyeurism, to the point where we tend to bypass its inherent obscenity, i.e. what such self-gratifying tendencies do to our earth. Snooze-papers are chock full of who’s looking at who, what they’re wearing, how we/they can impress, and vice versa, while our atmosphere literally closes in on us. Clearance sales may continue into ad infinatum, but no matter how much we buy, it will never be enough, as long as the mass hypnosis of consumerism plagues us…

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