There are about 80 of us, Savitri and myself and an eclectic mixed up group of Europeans, South Americans and Russians.

First, we gather in the courtyard of Barcelona’s Museum of Contemporary Art. Amen? Savitri announces that the name of our action is “Naked Grief,” and that we will have to learn how to cry energetically — with tears all the better! — in public. We’ll do this in Deutsche Bank — a bank that finances CO2 emissions. As we sob and moan, we will remove our clothing. Then we will rub ourselves with coal and cry even harder.

So — we practice crying in that courtyard. Savitri coaches us in our exercises in public wailing. It is easy for a few seconds, but out-and-out crying, sobbing, retching, really sorrowing for ten minutes? It is hard to do. We have to start crying over and over again.

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