The Egyptian January 25th revolution is the first cyber revolution in history. It started by an event on Facebook, and throughout its 18 days so many of the revolutionists were lively covering the incidents of the revolt minute by minute on Twitter – at a time when the media coverage were either poor or deliberately misleading (by the state media of Mubarak’s regime).

Tweets from Tahrir book is a compilation of selected tweets (twitter posts), in chronological order, by the Egyptian revolutionists in Tahrir square, allowing the story of the revolution to unfold directly by those who made it.

The Egyptian revolution swept Egypt as a whole, with particularly strong movements in Suez and Alexandria. But the book is only about the Cairene Tahrir side of the revolution. Whole sizeable books could – and should – be written about the rest of the revolution’s intricate saga.

It is weird to read a whole book based on discrete tweets, but what can get you closer to the ground of the Egyptian Revolution than this?

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