I can tell by the sound of your voice that you are famously handsome.


Your voice — it sounds famously handsome.

To me it’s just nasal.

Fascinating. So, how was your recent sold out event at the New York Public Library with David Byrne?

Great! My head didn’t explode, which was a plus. There will be video of the event online soon. I’ll post it via one of my many online presences-es.

And just how did that come about?

My publisher sent out an early proof for Byrne to possibly blurb; that was sometime last summer. I was just excited to know he might read it. Even if he’d hated it, was still cool to think about on a certain level. Then, last October—I was planning an event where I read the entirety of Freeloading in one day at WORD, a bookstore in Brooklyn.

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