ReKiosk, the independent online retailer, has landed an exclusive with Julian Assange. The start-up, which sells music and books (largely from indie labels and houses), is the only retailer selling Assange’s new e-book, Cypherpunks: Freedom and the Future of the Internet, which OR Books released last week.

The e-book, acquired by co-founder of OR Colin Robinson, has been covered extensively in the press by outlets ranging from The Guardian (which put the book on the cover of its weekend magazine on December 7) to CNN to The New York Times. The 200 page work, Robinson explained, came about, in part, through connections other OR authors had to Assange. (Robinson said Micah L. Sifrey, whose WikiLeaks and the Age of Transparency OR published, along with Chase Madar, who wrote The Passion of Bradley Manning for OR, both know Assange.)

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