Send your copy of “50 Shades of Grey” to O/R Books and they’ll send a book back to you free. If your copy is among the first 50 they receive, they’ll send you a free copy of “50 Shades of Louisa May.”

“50 Shades of Louisa May” is one of many spoofs of E.L. James’ bestselling novel. Like the original, it’s sexually explicit. Unlike the original, it stars Louisa May Alcott, author of the beloved novel “Little Women,” published in 1868.

The publisher writes, “Louisa May Alcott, author of the classic Little Women, consort of Emerson, Thoreau and Hawthorne, beloved icon of professors of American 19th-century literature and perhaps less loved by their legions of students, had a lusty side that was less academic, and more . . . transcendental than any of us knew.”

The wildly popular yet also much-lampooned “50 Shades of Grey” is written in what O/R Books calls a “nightmare of awful prose.” They promise that the text of “50 Shades of Louisa May” is far more delightful, although its author has remained anonymous. What’s more, “50 Shades of Louisa May” is illustrated with X-rated woodcuts.

The “50 Shades of Grey” sequels — “50 Shades Darker” and “50 Shades Freed” — can also be traded in. But remember, only the first 50 copies they receive will get the free book trade. As they say on late night TV, don’t hesitate, this is a limited offer.

Of those first 50 trade-ins, five readers will be selected at random to recieve a gift pack of other O/R books. Expect progressive politics and an interesting take on culture.

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