Mahmoud Salem @Sandmonkey
For when and where the revolution will be and other important info, go here:
09:51:18 p.m. Jan 24

Hossam @3arabawy
streets r empty. Police r everywhere. #Jan25
09:27:57 a.m. Jan 25

Adam Makary @adamakary
#Jan25 protester’s demands: increase in minimum wage, dismissal of interior ministry, removal of emergency law, shorten presidential term
10:15:08 a.m. Jan 25

Manar Mohsen @ManarMohsen
Those tweeting about the protest in Egypt, please use the hashtag #Jan25 in order to spread any information.
10:54:41 a.m. Jan 25

Sarahngb @Sarahngb
Tahrir square looks scary. Cordons, policemen, fire trucks, CS trucks. #Jan25
11:38:28 a.m. Jan 25

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