In our first exciting episode posted yesterday, I discussed things that were, in my judgment, receiving a disproportionate amount of discussion and attention from the publishing community. We seem to have a desire to discuss cool, sexy and more futuristic topics than those that are essential to getting us from here to there. The difference between the two is that the more practical matters involve a lot of hard, ‘dirty-fingernail’ work in the belly of the beast that are not sexy at all.

Today, I’ll point to a handful of things that are critical for us to be figuring out (and in most cases doing NOW) to position ourselves for success now and in whatever future unfolds. None of these is a silver bullet, but taken together and shaped to individual publishers’ specific situations, they can help keep us moving ahead as the ground continues to shift without betting the company on some specific outcome. All bear discussion in search of workable solutions that are more broadly applicable than only to the Big Six.


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