OR Books and Guernica magazine are proud to present Raja Shehadeh and Norman Finkelstein in conversation, this Tuesday at NYC’s Alwan Center for the Arts, FREE at 8pm.

Re-imagining Palestine in the new configuration of the Arab world is topical to our perception of the future of the region and the world at large. Unprecedented changes have swept across the political, social and cultural landscape of the Arab world over these last several months – changes that are bound to impact not merely the region but the machination of world politics. Palestine is pivotal to the Arab world’s sense of self and cultural identity. It has always been at the core of the Arab people’s revolt against proxy colonialism and their collective disdain for regimes from Morocco to Yemen. 

Raja Shehadeh and Norman Finkelstein, both authors and scholars, are at the forefront of these debates, and whose conversation will better our understanding of the role Palestine will play, its impact and how the conflict itself will be impacted in these challenging times. 

More information here. Hope to see you there!

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